Event Recap: Love, Finding Your Strength in Times of Uncertainty

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This past Wednesday, February 15th, right after the most loved-filled day of the year — Valentine’s Day — Deepak Chopra sat down to fittingly talk about finding strength in love during times of uncertainty. His special guests for the evening were Arianna Huffington and her sister, Agapi Stassinopoulos, whose new book “Unbinding the Heart: A dose of Greek Wisdom, Generosity, and Unconditional Love” is just about to hit book stands.

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Sightings . . .

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John and Margo Catsimatidis hosting a party at The Four Seasons for Agapi Stassinopoulos’ new book, “Unbinding the Heart.” Also there were Agapi’s sister Arianna Huffington, Ed Cox, Lally Weymouth, Sharon Bush, Alexis Christoforous, Patricia Duff, Ernie Anastos and Ted and Themis Dimon . . . Samantha Bee, Jason Jones, B.D. Wong, Kelli O’Hara, Estelle Parsons and The Post’s Cindy Adams at opening night of the off-Broadway musical “Rated P for Parenthood” at the Westside Theater.

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Interview with Agapi Stassinopoulos

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In Unbinding the Heart, Agapi Stassinopoulos begins her book reflecting on the childhood she shared with sister Arianna Huffington growing up in Greece. Both of their parents were deeply impacted by events that happened during World War II. Their mother risked her life working for the Red Cross while their father was caught by the Germans running an underground newspaper in Greece and sent to a concentration camp. Their parents eventually split and the sisters were raised by their mother.  Having lived through political and personal hardships, their mother’s determination left a lifelong impression of courage and reaching for what others would think is unattainable. One example Agapi gives is when Arianna saw a picture of Cambridge University in a magazine and said she wanted to go.  While others laughed, their mother encouraged her to apply and when she got in, borrowed money and moved with her daughters to London. Agapi meanwhile attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London where she flourished as an actress and was invited to Hollywood to make her first movie. Continue reading

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Wealth advice from Arianna’s mom

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When I ask powerful women what made them who they are (a question I’ve asked constantly over the years), they often tell me about their parents and then say, “Oh, my mother…!”

So when I read one mother’s take on the topic of wealth, below, it struck a familiar chord. The passage is from Unbinding the Heart, a new book by Agapi Stassinopoulos, Arianna Huffington’s sister. I knew a little about Mrs. Stassinopoulos from conversations Arianna and I have had, as well as from an interview that TV talk show host/media entrepreneur Chelsea Handler did with her on stage at last fall’s Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit. Larger than life and perpetually optimistic, Arianna’s mother married a larger than life newspaper publisher—and “huge philanderer,” as Arianna recalls her father. When Arianna was 11 years old, she convinced her mother to leave him–and from then on, with little money to raise two daughters in Athens, made the girls believe that they had wealth and opportunity galore. Continue reading

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Go Hear Someone Speak (Especially if it’s Deepak Chopra & Arianna Huffington)

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The other night I had the good fortune of scoring a pass to a very special event: A book launch event for Agapi Stassinopoulos’s  Unbinding the Heart: A Dose of Greek Wisdom, Generosity, And Unconditional Love. Agapi, of course, is Arianna Huffington’s baby sister, and the two of them joined none other than Deepak Chopra on stage for what an intimate and lovely evening at ABC Carpet & Home in Manhattan.

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Letting Go of Binding Beliefs – A Deeper Understanding of Life and Love

Hosted by Rebecca Skeele

Today’s guest, Agapi Stassinopoulos, invites you on an inspiring journey of inner exploration to reconnect with your true self. Her book, Unbinding the Heart, describes how Agapi came to realize that everyone is born with an open heart, but that we quickly learn to put conditions on our happiness – comparing ourselves to others, casting judgment, doubting ourselves, allowing fear or entitlement to take hold – and slowly our hearts begin to close. We isolate ourselves, feeling alone, and unheard; and in doing so we immobilize our spirit, stifle our authentic expression, and cut off our joy. Agapi, like so many of us, came under the soul‐constricting influences of the larger world. In her struggle to find her place and her voice, she discovered a path that was uniquely hers. Unbinding the Heart shows how she found her way home to herself. Agapi’s story inspires you with the confidence to let go of the beliefs that bind you and come to a deeper understanding of life and love.

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60 minute radio interview with Miriam Knight

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Join us for a “Dose of Greek Wisdom, Generosity, and Unconditional Love” as we discuss the delightful new book, ” UNBINDING THE HEART” with its author Agapi Stassinopoulos. who is a regular blogger for the Huffington Post founded by her sister Arianna, Agapi gives us a taste of her delightful and intimate personal memoir.

Born in Greece, she moved to England to study acting and then moved to the US where she got a Masters degree in psychology. Agapi acts, writes and produces plays and documentaries about the Greek goddesses. She is passionate about personal transformation and leads inspirational workshops around the world. Continue reading →

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Author Agapi Strassinopoulos discusses her new book Unbinding the Heart

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In her new book, Unbinding the Heart, out February 1st, Author and Speaker Agapi Stassinopoulos shares with us inspirational stories about her life and her amazing mother. She shows us how she found her way back to herself, discovering the golden opportunity we all have in the midst of life’s challenges, to not shut down, but to keep our hearts open to our possibilities. Continue reading →

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